Aramid Fibre


Aramid Fibre


Para-aramid Fibre, meta-aramid fibre, PPTA,PMIA, Twaron,Technora, Kevlar, Aramid Fibre 1313, Aramid Fibre 1414


Aramid (one kind of aramid fiber is benzene 2 formyl phenylenediamine), is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber, ultra-high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, insulation, anti-aging, long life cycle and other excellent properties, are widely used in composite material, bulletproof products, building materials, special protective clothing, electronics and other fields.

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Filament, staple fiber, yarn, twist, machine woven, pulp


Aramid fiber, known in English as Aramid Fiber, is a new type of high-tech synthetic fiber.With high strength, high modulus and high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and other excellent performance, its strength is steel wire 5~6 times, modulus of steel wire or glass fiber 2~3 times, toughness is steel wire 2 times, and the weight is only steel wire 1/5 or so, at 560 degrees of temperature, does not decompose, does not melt.It has good insulation and anti-aging properties, and has a long life cycle.The discovery of aramid fiber is regarded as a very important historical process in the field of materials.


Para aramid fiber is an important material for national defense and military industry. In order to adapt to the needs of modern war, the United States, Britain and other developed countries are made of aramid fiber body armor. The lightweight of aramid body armor and helmet can effectively improve the rapid reaction ability and lethality of the army.During the Gulf War, aramid composites were widely used in American and French aircraft.In addition to military applications, as a high-tech fiber material has been widely used in aerospace, mechanical and electrical, construction, automotive, sporting goods and other aspects of the national economy.In aviation and space, aramid fiber, due to its light weight and high strength, saves a lot of power fuel. According to foreign data, in the launching process of spacecraft, every kilogram of weight is reduced, which means reducing the cost of $1 million.In addition, the rapid development of science and technology is opening up more new civil space for aramid fiber.According to reports, arunder products used in body armor, helmet about 7~8%, aerospace materials, sports materials accounted for about 40%;Tire frame materials, conveyor belt materials and other aspects of about 20 percent, and high-strength rope and other aspects of about 13 percent.The tire industry is also starting to use aramid cord to reduce weight and roll resistance


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